The Amazon Echo Dot has been very prominent nowadays to worldwide.  It is a hands-free smart speaker that you control using your voice. It can also connect to external speakers or headphones through Bluetooth. Echo Dot connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to play music and many more.  But some of the users are confused about why they want to buy this one for themselves? let me clarify what is very wonderful about this Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo devices all ship with a handful of built-in features. The Amazon Echo is released on October 20, 2016, The Amazon Echo was also released in June 2015 in the U.S. Amazon Echo which is is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. According to the report of this product, Amazon started developing Echo devices inside its Lab126 offices in Silicon Valley and in Cambridge, Massachusetts as early as 2010. It has many facilities like the song, artist, or genre from your favorite music services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, and TuneIn. you can even play music across multiple Echo devices at the same time. The Echo must be plugged in to operate since it has no internal battery. Echo Dot was unveiled with a fabric covering, similar to the second-generation Echo.


  • Echo Dot is all set up, you can summon its smarts by saying “Alexa,” followed by a query.
  • You can also ask her to play music from a number of different sources.
  • You can start off your day by asking Alexa what the weather is, or for your daily news briefing.
  • She can do a number of smartphone-type tasks, things such as setting an alarm or timer, acting etc.
  • You need to cancel with the Wi-Fi network. Once connected, the setup process should automatically begin in the app.
  • You can ask Alexa to turn lights on or off. She’ll even change the color if the lights are color-changing.
  • If you cook sous vide, you can ask Alexa to set the temperature.
  • You can set multiple timers and ask her for the time remaining.